Digital Money Trading


Digital Money shaked the current monetary system to the core. They showed a totally new concept of money, where the system was created for people and around people. If you want to be one step ahead from other traders, and one step ahead in time, digital money is the perfect solution. Digital Money is the future, no matter how far this future might seem to be. 

Why trading digital money with bitcoinwelt is a smart move?

Different Account types available

No two traders are the same, so we created three different trading accounts. Choose what is the best fit for you. If you are a newbie who never traded before, you better go for the first account, which allows you to start with a firm minimum of $250. Otherwise go bold with other accounts.

Stop Loss/ Take Profits Functions available

You cannot avoid risk in any area of your life. In trading either. But what you can do is manage risk in order to minimize it. Put the stop loss and take profit function in advance, and let the function execute automatically when the conditions you put are met.

Large range of digital money, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple.

Bitcoin is the main digital money and the first issued in the market. After Bitcoin came other great digital money like Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin. Each of them is based on different algorithms which give them different power and maximum amount of money issued. The maximum amount of Bitcoin which will be in the market is 21 million Bitcoin.

Negative Balance Protection

Trading comes with huge profits and huge unexpected events also. We ensure you for at least one thing, your balance will never go under zero. You will never lose more than you can afford. We make the maximum efforts to empower your profits, so keeping your balance on tracks is the minimum we can do for you.

High Volatility

Digital Money is characterized by high volatility rates. The market is not regulated, central banks and governments do not accept it. The impact of government decisions over Bitcoin mainly influence Bitcoin itself and other digital currencies. 


Digital Money is self regulated, no third parties have control over it. This is the reason why they were created, to avoid banks and other financial institutions as third parties, people and companies will be free from commissions and fees. 

High Security

Digital Money is created using blockchain technology. It means that transactions are recorded into ‘blocks’ and time is stamped on them. It is a complex process which results in a digital ledger, very hard to be hacked by hackers.