Other Commodities Trading


Commodities offer a wide range of diversity. Commodities are linked with basic needs of human beings, this is why commodities are everywhere present, in any process of life. First, they were traded against each other- a bushel of grain for crude oil, a copper ingot for sugar and coffee. Nowadays, commodities are traded directly against the US dollar mainly, and other currencies also.

Why trading metals with Bitcoinwelt is a smart move?

Different Account types available

No two traders are the same, so we created three different trading accounts. Choose what is the best fit for you. If you are a newbie who never traded before, you better go for the first account, which allows you to start with a firm minimum of $250. Otherwise go bold with other accounts.

Stop Loss/ Take Profits Functions available

You cannot avoid risk in any area of your life. In trading either. But what you can do is manage risk in order to minimize it. Put the stop loss and take profit function in advance, and let the function execute automatically when the conditions you put are met.

Index Benefits

The most obvious advantage is index diversity. Trading experts advise trading indices as it was a trading strategy, because an index behaves like a trading portfolio where risk is diversified among stocks. Volatility and risk is averaged among the companies. If you choose to invest in just one stock inside of the index, then you will be dealing with the volatility of this stock only.

Negative Balance Protection

Trading comes with huge profits and huge unexpected events also. We ensure you for at least one thing, your balance will never go under zero. You will never lose more than you can afford. We make the maximum efforts to empower your profits, so keeping your balance on tracks is the minimum we can do for you.

Which are the major indices?

Extremely popular

All commodities are very popular. They are used as risk diversifiers. They go against the behaviour of other assets in the market. When the market is very volatile and currency pairs are down, metals tend to increase their price. They are safer, since their price is more stable compared to other assets.

Perfect for risk

Metals can be traded in different ways. CFDs allow you to trade on the price movements, which means that traders will be profitable in both directions. If you think the price will go up, you buy the asset now, and sell it when you think that the price reached a certain level and will start dropping. Make your profits out of the price difference.

Profit in short and long run​

Let’s see in detail how it works. If you think the price will drop, you go short, you sell the asset. You wait for the maximum drop and buy it again. So you can sell it when the price hits the sky and you make profits even when the price rises or drops. This is the advantage of trading, profiting in both directions.