Our Company

We have been changing online trading standards since 2010. Serving with honesty, passion and determination, with transparent trading conditions, easily accessible and user-friendly technology. We were founded with the idea of making trading easy for anyone. We believe that trading should be the right of everyone. Back in the time when we started this business, only few people were able to access financial markets. First, there was a big amount of capital needed and someone should do it for individuals who did not have the expertise to do it. Nowadays, people are free to learn how to trade, to trade themself with the assistance of a trading service provider, like we are. With us you can start as low as $ 250 to activate your trading account.

As you understand we transformed the trading concept of starting with millions to starting with just $250. We expanded the market available for traders, from only Forex to commodities, stocks, indices, digital money. More you diversify your trading portfolio, the more you minimize the risks. You are able to fund your account with the lowest amount in the market- $ 250, and open your positions as low as $ 5-20. Fund your account through bank transfer, e-wallets, online transaction through credit/ debit Visa/ Master Cards. 

Our Vision

Make trading online accessible for everyone, so traders can focus on what they know the best: applying their strategies and choosing the right instruments.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear, empowering the traders. How? By providing knowledge, the latest technology, transparent trading conditions, high trading standards and secure trading environment. We work daily with our team of financial advisors, customer service and trading experts to make trader’s life easier. We aim to create a successful trading experience for you, and we do not let all the job on your hands. We do the hard job for you. Analysis, strategy, techniques, methods are provided by our experts with close collaboration with you.

Our Values

We are committed to creating value for our traders. We want our traders to have a profitable trading experience, because we want to create long term relationships with you. In this industry, a company cannot be successful if it is not adapting continuously with the latest trends of the technology. Technology builds trust, saves time, and brings higher expertise. We are investing in our software development department with extra capital and by hiring the geniuses of the field. We offer the same quality of services when you come for the first time and after many years you are with us. We believe that being consistent will help us and our traders to be keep moving forward successfully.