Trading Conditions

Bitcoinwelt is providing all traders with a set of risk management tools that will help you protect your capital, minimize risk and maximize profits. Negative Balance Protection will make possible your account to never go under zero. This kind of protection has been offered by Bitcoinwelt since 2011 without any cost. Stop loss and take profits is a mechanism which closes your trades automatically when a previous condition is met. 

Negative balance protection means that your account will never go with negative balance even if the market volatility is very high and impact is not good for your account. It is especially necessary for new traders that are not familiar with trading and might jump into trading without thinking twice. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, when you are losing your capital, negative balance protection ensures you will not go into debt. 

Stop loss is a key component of risk management. It serves to stop the losses. Not all stop losses are designed equal. We offer stop loss without any additional fee and your order will be met at the price you put it. Stop loss gives you peace, because your trades will be automatically closed when the conditional price will be met. 

A spread is the difference between the buying and selling price of the asset. In other words it is like a seller buying a product to the production center and selling it to the end user with a higher price making profits out of the difference. When you choose an account, you have a spread which will come along with you during the time you trade. No matter what will happen in the market, for as long as you have this account type, you will trade with that fixed spread. This way you can calculate in advance the cost tolerance of your actions.